The Blackhawk Hotel - Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • Blackhawk Hotel in Cedar Falls Iowa
  • Best of the Best 2011
People often send us a note or call us with the comment that they can not find a way to book a room directly from our website.

After viewing the many pictures and floor plans here, it becomes obvious that most of our historic rooms and suites are unique in their size, decor and ambiance. It is for this reason that we enjoy working directly with our guests to select just the right accommodation. In today’s age of electronic everything the “personal touch” is all but gone.

Please give us a call on our toll-free number,
1-800-488-HAWK (4295) and we'll make sure that you get to talk to a real person who is genuinely interested in assisting you.

If you are a true Internet junkie, email us and tell us how we can help you and we will quickly assist you with your reservation via the web….
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Listed in the National Register of Historic Places
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